Meet Jane, Tara, Brooke, Brittney and Megan - five of the faces you're likely to run across on your visit to Matilda's (and we can't forget John).


While Jane runs the majority of the operations, her daughters may fill in behind the scenes.  

Jane Schipp

Jane Schipp, Owner

Jane is your main face at Matilda's. She is the dreamer and designer at the farm. Like what you see when you visit - that's mostly because of Jane. 

In her spare time Jane loves to travel, visit her grandkids and is rarely found without a pen and paper in hand, drawing up her next grand design idea. 


Tara Schipp-Foll

Tara works at the Jasper Hospital and can often be spotted helping Jane during Matida's events. 

If you're in need of a good book, look no further than Tara. The oldest of the four daughters, she has the best lexicon by far. She has two dogs and if there was an award, would be  voted the most thoughtful of all the daughters.


Brittney Schipp

Brittney is an interior designer in Evansville, Indiana and is the family go-to for all interior design opinions (and wedding decor). 

Brittney is the mom to two fur-babies and can often be found with friends (she's the most social of all the sisters), or working on her house. She's recently engaged and will be the first of the Schipp girls to get married on the property. We are VERY excited. 


Brooke Blair

Brooke is the mother of two boys Jackson and Fin. She is locating back to Spencer County to help Jane with the farm, so you'll likely to see more of her!

Brooke is the handy daughter you want to have around. She works in construction management but you'll often see her remodeling houses or bringing her own designs to life (when she's not chasing her boys). 


Megan Schipp

Megan works in public health and lives in Denver, Colorado with her dog Olive. She is the master behind the website and comes home often to visit her favorite little piece of property, the farm.


In her spare time she loves to travel or partake in one of her many hobbies (she can't sit still).