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The Family

Jane Schipp and Family
Jane Schipp and John
Jane and  John

Jane and John are the owners of Matilda's Event Barn and have been together for over 20 years. While Jane is the brains behind Matilda's, John often lends a hand during Saturday weddings. 

John is an avid reader and his 3000+ book collection fueled the original idea for Matilda's - Jane wanted to create a small library to house them. The idea grew, and eventually Matilda's became the event venue it is today. John still got his library, it's in the back of the barn.  

Tara, Brooke, Brittney and Megan

Tara, Brooke, Brittney and Megan are Jane's four daughters. Each with their own creative talents, they help to bring many of Jane's ideas to life and often plan Matilda's events of their own. You might see them around the property from time-to-time, but they mostly work behind the scenes.  

Jane Schipp and Kids
Tilly Klesier
Who is Matilda?

Many people wonder, why Matilda? Matilda or "Tilly" as we called her was a huge part of this property for many years and while we love this place, no one loved it more than Tilly.

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