Frequently asked questions

How do guests find the venue?

Indiana is the cross-roads of America and the perfect in-between states spot to host your wedding or event. No matter where you are coming from, we'll help to get you here. Our closest airport is Louisville International Airport. Please see "Getting Here" for more information.

What is the occupancy of the barn?

Matilda's Event Barn can comfortably seat 225 - 250 guests with buffet-style serving.

How do I find reliable vendors?

The great thing about small towns is everyone knows everybody. We've got an approved vendors list that we'd love to share with you (including tranportation services, if you're worried!). You're also welcome to use your own vendors, we just ask that they are properly licensed and insured.

Do I need a liquor license to have alcohol at my event?

Matilda's does not have a liquor license. However, we can definitely help with this. Indiana law requires that any event where alcohol is purchased for distribution must have a liquor license and a licensed bartender. We have a list of vendors to help you navigate this issue or you can find your own online. You'll find more information here.

Where will my guests stay?

We are close to many little towns, so there are a number of places for guests to stay. Check out our google map list of hotels within 30 minutes of the venue.

What if it rains?

In addition to the outdoor layout, we have indoor options for inclimate weather. We will go over this during your tour.

Is Matilda's ADA accessible?

Being a new facility we abide by all ADA regulations, so getting around won't be a problem for your guests. As well, we provide a method of transportation to and from the ceremony hill for guests who may need the extra help.

Who is Matilda?

Matilda was a daughter, sister, aunt, and my great-aunt. She never married, never had children and other than her family, had no real friends. Aunt Tillie spent 70 years on this farm, cleaning, cooking, and caring for the animals, and much to her credit, our farm survives today! Read more about Matilda.

You didn't answer my question!

Send us an email, we'll get back to you ASAP!

What is provided for the DJ set-up?

Matilda's does not provide any in-house equipment including tables for the Dj or band. The area for the Dj/band is roughly 15’ x 20’ and the power is sufficient for a 2000-watt speaker system. Fog machines are allowed. There is an unloading area for the caterers and DJ’s. Once you arrive, please ask the staff to move the barrels that are blocking the drive into the barnyard area and open the double sliding doors. We will ask that you move your vehicles once unloaded.

What can my guests do when they visit the area?

Indiana is the crossroads of America and while a lot of people pass through, not enough stay to explore! Southern Indiana has a beautiful rolling landscape where you can partake in many outdoor activities, spend a day perusing small antique shops or go to the first theme park in the US, Holiday World. We've put together a Google Map of things to do in the local area. You can check it out here.

What can be done to decrease the spread of Covid-19?

COVID is obviously on everyone’s minds. We now had 5 "covid weddings" from which we gained some insight and can offer suggestions on what has been done.
1. Masks: While the governor has mandated masks be worn in commercial and public situations, he did not specify how it applies to private weddings. I called the Indiana Department of Health to inquire as to how the mandate affected weddings and they could not give me an answer. In the end, the law enforcement agencies are not enforcing it. I would suggest you make masks available. Our staff and all bartenders/caterers do utilize gloves and masks.
2. Sanitizing: Matilda’s is sanitizing all tables and chairs after each wedding as well as the bar, kitchen and all bathrooms. We provide hand sanitizer and wipes at the entrances and bar area for guests to use. 3. Cocktail hour: Many couples have utilized individual snacks for cocktail hour to keep guests from reaching into the same dish, risking possible contamination. Others have hired servers to walk around and individually serve the appetizers. Either method to works well. 4. Dinner: Though it is no longer mandated, nearly everyone is utilizing servers to plate up the food in the buffet line, thus preventing germs from spreading due to many hands touching the serving utensils. This slows the dinner line a bit but has been going quite well overall. I would recommend talking to your caterer about supplying enough servers to do this. 5. Entrance/Exit: Trying to direct the traffic flow in and out of the building is another way to try to circumvent spreading germs. Putting up a chalkboard showing one door as an entrance and the other as the exit can be done. 6. We have picnic tables available for set up around the circle outside the front patio for those people wishing to have space from others. You can decide whether or not to utilize these tables at your final planning meeting. 7. Tent: We have had couples rent a tent and move tables outdoors for additional social distancing options. These can be rented locally from rental companies. Just ask us! 8. Seating Charts: Utilizing a seating chart can keep families together at one group of tables vs. sitting with a group of strangers. This also seems to work well and, I feel, makes each group feel a bit more separated from others.
9. House Rental: We are, again, sanitizing all surfaces and washing every
sheets/blankets/shams/etc each week to ensure everything is as free from germs as possible. 10. ATTENDANCE: If you believe you will have in excess of 250 guests at your wedding (which is also our seating capacity), Spencer County Health Department is now requiring couples to submit a plan on how they intend to meet guidelines for events exceeding 250 guests (250 is the current acceptable number of people allowed at any gathering per the State of Indiana). This plan must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding.
number of guests planning to attend exceeds this number and we can work on a plan for
submission to the department. You should check their website as well as the Back on Track
Indiana periodically to stay updated on the current COVID regulations.

What happens if my wedding is canceled due to Covid-19?

We abide by all Indiana Department of Health guidelines related to covid-19 procedures. In instances where large events are canceled by the State of Indiana, we will provide the option to move to the following year. If there is no state decision to stop all large events and you would like to move your wedding date, you must do so 6 months before the date that is written in the contract. If within six months of your wedding, we can not promise we will be able to move the date and you will be expected to proceeed with your current plan.